Yngve Gasoy – Romdal

Yngve Gåsøy ( born 24 April 1968 in Tønsberg ), known outside Norway Yngve Gasoy – Romdal , a Norwegian actor and singer . He is the eldest son of the artist Paul Gåsøy and Olaug Gåsøy ( Meling ) . He took the name Gasoy – Romdal after farm Romdalvik on backpack in Molde municipality, where his father comes from. He grew up in Molde and Vikebukt.

Photo Johnny Leo Johansen(c) Fredrikstad 2014

Johnny Leo johansen(c)

As seven year old he began playing violin and viola , then various instruments and church organ . As a twelve year old he was soprano soloist in Molde domkantori . At 18 he began the Norwegian Academy of Music , but jumped off when he got his first starring role , Askeladden at the Norwegian Theatre in Oslo . Since then sung and played theater in Stockholm, Berlin, London , Vienna, Italy , Manila, Moscow and other countries and cities . He has been a soloist four times at the Royal Albert Hall, ” Robert Stolz Gala ” in Austria. Soloist at the Musikverein in Vienna. Has appeared in several Talk Shows and TV Shows in Norway , Sweden, England , Germany, Austria , Japan, Russia and the Philippines.