Dag Ingebrigtsen

Dag Ingebrigtsen (born on 12 December 1958 in Trondheim, Norway) is a Norwegian musician who had his debut in 1977 with the group Subway Suck. He got his breakthrough in 1980 with the rock band The Kids, who had the hit “Forelska i lærer’n” (“In love with the teacher”). After his success with The Kids, he fronted the Norwegian hard rock band TNT. He sang and played rhythm guitar on their self-titled debut album in 1982 before being replaced by American Tony Harnell two years later. He recently reunited with TNT live during their 25th Anniversary concert to sing “Harley Davidson”.

Photo Johnny Leo Johansen Olavsdagene 2014

Johnny Leo Johansen(c)


TNT Seven Seas

Hun er forelska i lærern