Lucky Malice

Lucky Malice is three women who did not fail you by the hair. Three women who oozes enthusiasm and old fillings.

Three women with a high percentage punk in their blood!

Lucky Malice gives you hard-hitting and uncompromising riot grrrl-punk, that engage and seduce.
The releases are as follows: Young and Breastless EP (2008, Tone Wheel Kräftpest), split-vinyl with princes in Göttemia (Split EP, 2010, Tone Wheel Kräftpest), Homme Fatale (2012, Tone Wheel Kräftpest) and Lucky Malice (2013, Tone Wheel Kräftpest)

Photo Johnny Leo Johansen(c) Månefestrivalen Gamlebyen Fredrikstad 2014

Johnny Leo Johansen(c)

Lucky Malice:

Linda Haug – gitar/vokal

Hanna Fauske – bass/vokal

Karine Brække – trommer/vokal

Johnny Leo Johansen(c) Johnny Leo Johansen(c)


Power to the people Lucky Malice