SERENITY TRACE from Oslo, Norway, is a futuristic sounding aggressive metal band. Since the beginning of the millennia they have forged their sound with little regard to idioms and norms of the style, crafting a unique sound infused by high tech music while bending every genre out of shape, which they deliver with full force onto their audience everywhere. Without compromise they charge forward with a uniform face, never letting anything get in the way of the music nor the message. And by doing so, they have created something unique.

Photo Johnny Leo Johansen(c) Feelgood 2013

Johnny Leo Johansen(c)


Serenity Trace – Riot!!

Starting out as a duo in 2001, founding members M and O created the DIY debut “The Diary Of A Dying Society…” never intending to ever take their industrial, melodic digital hardcore out on to a stage. However, because of people’s fascination with the duo, they were persuaded into playing a show and for the first time, they revealed their anger in December 2001 at a local show. With their faces hidden by rioter’s bandanas they left their audience thrilled and perplexed. This woke a new appetite within them both, who were otherwise occupied with other bands, which led to more shows the following year as they released their debut album all by them selves.