Rundown is a metal band from Halden, with members from Gringo Bandido, Sex Tools and Reduced. The guys have played together for a few years and debut concert took place on Feelgood in Halden early 2010. Along managed the band and the approximately 100 participants to create a higher temperature than what it had been a long time in the local rockebula! Just a few days after the concert took place reaching rumors of the bold debut way to NRK P3 (Lydverket), which on several occasions has played “Refuse to Lose”, one of the band’s demo tracks at that moment, on the radio. P3 (Pyro) voted last year the 20 new, most promising bands in 2010.

Photo Johnny Leo Johansen(c) Feelgood 2013

Johnny Leo Johansen(c)

“They use a slightly hardcorish / extrem kind of sound, and the riffs moves between heavy hypnotic death metal like orgies of which can be explained as a mix of thrash and black. Vocals actually has some black in it, but I can also sufficiently with hints the death-metal that I attach the very borderline between these two styles. “- (6/10)

Rundown – Refuse To Lose