It all started when Benjamin Seresjk and Philip Jonassen began playing music in his bedroom, the summer of 2011. It spiraled into several small projects, like playing at weddings, school terminations and other events. Here they played some own material and cover songs by including System of a Down, Tenacious D and Bruno Mars? (There is no typo.) And such a concert of a long-awaited Drummer.

Photo Johnny Leo Johansen(c) Bandwagon 2013

Johnny Leo Johansen(c)

They needed a drummer. No, we’re not talking about Jesus, but he is quite similar. Herman Karlsen was then sitting in the chair with the drums and working hard in the studio of Benjamin Noroff Vgs Fredrikstad.

After the host material began to get bigger and the guys jumped on husrock on St. Croix, UKM Østfold and even a school ending on Noroff Vgs Fredrikstad before flying on to Trondheim with UKM Country Festival 2012. Where rocked the hair of the audience at two concerts in Olavshallen and the community.

The journey was not over yet, and after a pretty hard summer journey went on to Seljord Telemark. No Location Land in other words. A place perfect for quiet meditation and inspiration from nature and the mountain that is over the valley. (Not as in Fredrikstad, in other words.) Here was the Music – Live as a school subject, Seljordsheia Folkehøgskule, where they still resides. After several concerts in collaboration with the school (not to mention the school) took the trip to Kathmandu, Nepal and played live for several thousand people in March 2013.

Johnny Leo Johansen(c)Johnny Leo Johansen(c)Johnny Leo Johansen(c)Johnny Leo Johansen(c)

Samsari –

Benjamin Seresjk – Guitar, vocals

Herman Karlsen – Drums

Filip Jonassen – Bass