Gry Jannicke Jarlum  “J-Diva» Jarlum (born 6 April 1962 in Oslo)  a Swedish-Norwegian pop musician and writer. As a musician, she is best known for the single “Svake Mennesker” in 1981 which was the first place the charts for 16 weeks.

Photo Johnny Leo Johansen(c) Bedemarten 2013

Johnny Leo Johansen

Jannicke – Svake Mennesker

In the 1990s, she is probably best known for his his alleged knowledge of alien life, and the book “you and I”, which was published in 1994 claiming she was written with automatic writing. According to her, although she got her first conscious UFO experience of the third, fourth and fifth grade on 9 March 1992. In 1994 made ​​a major TV company from Japan a documentary about Ms and her alleged UFO experiences. In 1996 made ​​both TV3 and TV Norge similar documentaries.