Dan Reed

Dan Reed (born February 17, 1963, Portland, Oregon) met Dan Pred in high school in Aberdeen, South Dakota, and after a time pursuing music studies at Northern State University, the pair returned to Portland and formed the Dan Reed Network in 1984. In 1986, they made their first recording, a six-track EP called Breathlesswhich spawned a No. 1 single, “Steal Me,” on Z-100 in Portland, Oregon.

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Dan Reed – Rainbow Child

Reed continued to work solo and in collaboration with other musicians, including Nuno Bettencourt, of the band Extreme. Like Bettencourt, Reed capitalized on occasional opportunities to act in theater and film, but continued to explore his musical identity in directions that took some former fans by surprise.

Reed released an EP called Sharp Turn in 2004, available through iTunes and MSN Music. This four-track EP is in an electronica style, a sharp contrast from the music of the Dan Reed Network. After spending a year in India and another in Jerusalem, while working on more experimental material with some eastern influences, Reed is currently living and making music in Prague.

Reed actively toured Europe and the US during the second half of 2008 and continues to do so in 2009. Selections from these live, solo acoustic shows appear on An Evening With Dan Reed, available at shows and at his official website. The set lists at these shows vary from classic DRN material (“Ritual”, “Stronger Than Steel”, “I’m So Sorry”, “Salt of Joy”, “Long Way To Go”, “Lover”) to new material from the forthcoming album (“Coming Up For Air”, “Losing My Fear”).

Coming Up for Air, a new solo album by Reed, is scheduled for release in 2010. The first video mixes Charlie Chaplin footage from The Great Dictator (1940) with new footage of Dan Reed over a backdrop of social, natural and political imagery.

In May 2009, Reed played a number of UK shows, including a tiny house concert in York – live tracks and videos of that show are on House Concerts York.

In 2010, Reed (with a newly assembled band) performed a series of shows throughout Europe. The March 5 performance at Union Chapel in London was professionally filmed for release as an upcoming DVD. The show featured a mixture of new material from Coming Up For Air as well as some classic DRN hits.

On February 26, 2013, Dan Reed released a new solo album called Signal Fire.

Dan Reed – Holy_Diver_mix