TNT is a Norwegian hard rock/glam metal band from Trondheim, formed in 1982. The band has released twelve studio albums, three EPs and two live albums while going through numerous line-up changes since its formation. Guitarist Ronni Le Tekrø is the only consistent member of TNT.

Photo Johnny Leo Johansen(c) At Gressvik summer party 2013 TNT Tony Mills – Ronni Le Tekrø

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Tnt – Knights Of The Thunder

In August 2013 Tony Mills announced that he had decided to leave TNT to pursue solo projects, stating, “For most of this year we have barely played [live] and have not written or recorded anything new. To me that’s not how it’s supposed to be when you’re in a band.” In a personal statement published on his official website, Mills stated, “There are other contracts I need to fulfill and a different focus I have to maintain in the coming years.

I wish Ronni and his team all the best for their future, however it may shape itself. I shall be fulfilling all the previous engagements booked by the band and expected by the public, with great pleasure.” At the same time, Tony Harnell confirmed that he had had discussions with Ronni Le Tekrø and “Diesel” Dahl about a reunion. “It’s true that the three of us have talked about it, but there are still details that remain to be discussed before I will make any commitments.” When asked whether this would only be a one-off reunion, Harnell answered, “I’ve considered doing a show or two, but those are very imminent and have already been booked with Tony Mills as the vocalist. I’ve decided that it’s best if he carries out as planned, and then the band and I can sit down and discuss if we’re going to do anything in the future – with enough time to do it right