Solidarity Breakfast

Early morning they start. The young people in Madrid that have started the solidarity work to help those who need it most in the streets of Spain. It gives me hope for the future and a better world where everybody takes care of each other no matter border or individual differences.

Photo Johnny Leo Johansen(c) solidarity group Apumak Madrid 2012

Johnny Leo Johansen(c)

Solidarity (from the Latin, jointly and severally liable, the whole sum, totality; French solidarité: cohesion, conjunction) is a term that describes a feeling of togetherness and cohesion between individuals or groups. The word is often used to express support for the people of the third world. Solidarity involves a basic idea of ​​acting out of more than self-interest, – to make choices based on their consequences for others or for the needs of others. By giving up (short-term) self-interest to collective actions create value for others. Many would argue that solidarity is the basis for the welfare state.