Viktoria Winge

Viktoria Winge (born March 5, 1980) is a Norwegian actress, singer and model. She is the daughter of theater director Stein Winge and actress Kari Onstad, and lives in Nesodden in Akershus.
Winge started her career as a model when she was 17 and had assignments for magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, iD and Vogue. Later photos of her taken by Massimo Leardini, Valerie Phillips, Mads Tegler and Julie Pike has been published in various photography books.
As an actor, Winge including starred in the horror film Fritt Vilt (2006), and Fritt Vilt 2 (2008), Joachim Trier’s drama Reprise (2006) and War epic Max Manus (2008), in which she plays Solveig Johnsrud, a fictional woman working the Gestapo. She has also appeared in several short films and TV series Dag and Koselig med Peis. In 2010, played in the National Theatre’s Winge’s production of Eugene O’Neill’s play Lang dags ferd mot natt, with such Liv Ullmann and Bjorn Sundquist and directed by her father, Stein Winge. She also sing and play in the band BabyJaws.

Photo Johnny Leo Johansen(c) At the Photofestival at Preus museum Horten


Babyjaws – Cold Nights