Jørn Hoel

Jørn Hoel (born July 27, 1957 in Tromsø) is a Norwegian musician, composer and singer. He is known as a solo artist and for his collaboration with Steinar Albrigtsen  and Tom Pacheco.
He began playing in local groups, among others, Steinar Albrigtsen in the 1970s. As a singer and songwriter, he released his first album, Ubarbert (unshaven), in 1982. The big breakthrough came in 1987 with the Varme ut av is (Heat out of the ice). The album contained songs such as Har en Drøm “Have a Dream” and Ei hand å holde i “A hand to hold,” both with music by Svein Gundersen and lyrics by Trygve Hoff. “Have a Dream” was also used as the soundtrack to the film Drømmeslottet “Dream Castle” in 1986. For the success of this album, he was named the year’s Grammy Grammy award in 1987.

Photo Johnny Leo Joahansen(c) Bedemarten for FB.

Jørn Hoel – Lost In The Tango