Nissa Nyberget

Nils Otto “Nissa” Nyberget (born June 12, 1954) is a Norwegian freelance musician, songwriter, artist, presenter and director.
Nissa Nyberget studied at the University of Oslo, where he took a minor in music. He plays, sings, composes and arranges – and directs, writes and produces revues and other kinds of theater productions. He has also led many “jam sessions” where musicians meet and improvise together, and been a band leader in theater, radio and TV.

Photo Johnny Leo Johansen(c)

He composed music for film. Since 1999, he teamed with singer and actress Elisabeth Lindland been playing host to over a hundred live children’s television programs in the series Christmas Morning NRK1. Nyberget Lindland and he has released four CDs based on material children have submitted the applications.
Nyberget wrote the theme song to radio and television program 20 questions, and he was also the program’s musical director for a while.
He started in 1980 with what has been Josefine Vetshus habitually tirdagsjam.  In 1983 he participated in the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix with “You ask me for eternity”.
New Year’s Eve 2006/2007 opened Nissa Nyberget music bar Baan Chang (“Elephant House”) in the seaside resort of Cha-am in Thailand with his wife.