Mustafa Can

Mustafa Can (born October 15, 1969 in Turkey) is a Swedish author and journalist. His first novel Tätt intill dagarna was published in 2006. He got the Great journalist award in sweden 2002 Storyteller of the Year.

Johnny Leo Johansen(c) 02.09.2011 literature festival Fredrikstad – local news FB.

Here Mustafa Can talks about the mass murder ABB and that ABB was obsessed with finding an identity –

His first novel Tätt intill dagarna is about

– How can you love a stranger? This is the question Mustafa Can tries to answer while watching his mother slowly die from a liver disease. Because who is this woman who has given birth to 15 children and watched 7 of them die, who has moved from Kurdistan to Sweden, who couldn’t read or write and in spite of never learning to speak Swedish, was the centre of the family in both Kurdistan and Sweden?
Mustafa Can tries to get his mother to tell him about herself while she slowly fades away – and after her death and her burial in the home village, he talks with his father, his extended family and the people in the village.

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