Norwegian black metal meet Indian dance

Questionings is a coming together of Norwegian black metal and classical Indian dance and music. The performance invokes and explores the different energies that surround us, and seeks to comprehend the complexities and paradoxes of existence in our time.

At the Norwegian Opera the was a big applause – successful performance and magic contact between different but same worlds –

Photo Johnny Leo Johansen(c)

Vreid – Heroes & Villains

Conception, choreography and artistic direction: Rukmini Chatterjee.

Music by Vreid
Choreographic Collaboration: Arjun Mishra
Indian dancers: Rukmini Chatterjee (Bharatanatyam), Anuj Mishra and Smriti Mishra (Kathak)
Musicians: VREID: Hváll: (Bass guitar),Steingrim: (Drums), Strom: (Guitar),Sture (Vocals & guitar)
Indian musicians: Vikas Mishra (Tabla) and Dinesh Kumar (Mridangam)
Scenography and lighting: H.C. Gilje