Thore Hansen

Thore Hansen (1942–) has written many books for children and adults. He is also a renowned and popular illustrator. He has received a number of prizes for his work.

 Photo Johnny Leo Johansen(c)
Thore Hansen is a Norwegian comics artist, who began his career in the 1960s. He was among the new generation of artists that used adult satire in their humorous comics. Hansen studied at the Kunstakademiet in Kopenhagen. He drew the series ‘Papegøye Olsen’ in the magazine Vi Menn in 1963. His most famous creation is ‘Satyren’, which ran in Alle Menn from 1967. In 1976, he started the science-fiction series ‘Stasjon Nexus’ in coopertion with Jon Bing in the Nazar anthology. Hansen and Bing had already cooperated on the series ‘Fare, Fare Krigsmann’ in 1972. In the 1980s, Hansen drew such series as ‘Old’ in Magne and ‘Fabelsvansen’ in Norsk Barneblad, as well as ‘Skogland’. In addition, he took on a career as an illustrator.