Fredd d`Red And The Berserk Bastards

Photo Johnny Leo Johansen(c) Concert in Moss 15.10.2011
…The only real Viking pirateband in the world!!!
Berserk Band was established in Cuba 2007 under the name “Cuban Bohemian Refugee Orchestra” during the Berserk-sailing expedition through the North West Passage.”Berserk” met the US sailboat “FUBAR” and the music adventure begun.
The first tunes was jammed into shape through early mornings in the Caribbean sunsets and a whole lot of Rum.
The tunes later became singalong-songs on deck, and the lyrics was written as the Expedition went along.

Back in Norway after sucessfully completing the arctic expedition, the Berserk Bastards was born.
The songs have been recorded in different studios around the world with local heros and bastards.