A politically sensitive lunch

Raw whale meat in Japanese style is made like beef tartar,  Consuming whale meat is seen by many as barbaric and unnecessary. Served as sashimi (thin slices of raw meat) it comes with a powerful wasabe sauce made out of horseradish, which reminds the western pallete of traditional beef dinners. Raw whale meat tasted  ok ,  and like many Japanese meal they say that it is very good for you. Because of the ethical and conservation issues surrounding its consumption. I hope that it was hunted with respect for nature.

As a norwegian I know it is a long tradition in Norway with whaling. Whaling in Norway involves the hunting of the Minke whale for the purpose of using the whale meat for human consumption, generally in Northern Norway. This hunting has occurred since the early 20th Century, and some still continue the practice in the modern day.

Photo Johnny Leo Johansen(c)

1990 the IWC ban came into effect, it seemed that the world’s whale populations would be left alone to recover. When the moratorium was passed, Japan, Norway and other whaling nations had been outnumbered 29–8 by repentant former whale-hunting countries such as the UK and the US. But the tide turned in Japan’s favour, on the island of St Kitts, representatives from 66 countries attended the annual IWC meeting and voted, by the slimmest of margins, it has disown the ban that has kept whales largely safe from harpoon guns and factory ships for a little time.