Like in many places there are other tings to see.

My name is Istvan he tells me. In  30 minuts outside of Budapest with buss nr. 150 I meet Istvan. He lives in this area where there are houses built from leftovers and some other houses not that god.

I don´t speak hungary and he does not speak english, we are both unhappy with that. We communicate with signs. I have a beer and he shows me a soft drink bottle with white wine. He shows me that he drink some when he wants to go to sleep. He points at his leg that it is hurt and he can´t work. Istvan makes a cigaret from leftover from the street, and I walk to a nearby gas station and buy him a pack of Lucky Strike for 700Forint about 3Euros. He look at it and smiles over and over again like he don’t  think it´s for real. He makes signs of money, and shows that this is expensive. Istvan shows me his Id. and that he is born Magyarország, Hungarian in 1948. Istvan counts up the months of the year from May to August is Ok, Hungary is ok. But the others he make signs that he think it is coold, -5 degrees he counts on unwashed fingers with not very pleasant nails. I shake his hand as thanks for the chat, he takes his bag with some bread in, and walks in to the area with small bushes, some garbage and poor houses.

Hungary will be one of the places where there will be test out new system Housing First Europe: Testing a Social Innovation in Tackling Homelessness in Different National and Local Contexts.  There have also tried to criminalization of homeless, and demonstrations have been held to oppose what people have deemed theunconstitutional and inhumane treatment of the homeless in their city

There have been some bad situations in Hungary especially  with poor people from there border land Romania and  Gypsies like when The rightwing paramilitary group that came to the Hungarian village of Gyöngyöspata.